7 tips to keep your company cloud storage organized

20 Jan 2023


Cloud storage has completely revolutionized the way we handle documents. In just seven years, its popularity more than doubled to become a dominating force in corporate data management. But with multiple employees sharing one cloud space, it can quickly become disorganized and inefficient – leaving you asking “Who moved my cheese?” It’s time for an organizational overhaul of your digital file cabinets!

Has your cloud storage been feeling a bit cluttered? Do you constantly find yourself rummaging through the digital archives, just to locate that one file? SwiftChip is here with several useful tips to help get shared cloud storage back in order and reduce wasted time. Make sure tasks are accomplished faster (and more efficiently!) by managing files better – no matter how large or complex.

Universal Folder Naming Structure

Keep your projects organized with a consistent Universal Folder Naming Structure. Streamline the search process and make it easier to find what you need quickly.

To make it easier to find what you need, communication and collaboration are key – especially when it comes to organizing folders. Different naming systems can lead not only to confusion but also to redundant files if everyone isn’t on the same page. Establishing a unified structure goes a long way toward streamlining projects and keeping everybody in sync!

Create a consistent, easy-to-follow folder structure that allows everyone to quickly locate the relevant documents they need. For instance, set up “departments” as your overarching file and place further categories such as “projects” underneath it for an organized workflow.

Say goodbye to the days of searching for lost documents! Establishing a uniform naming system makes it simple and convenient to find exactly what you need, while also minimizing the risk of any duplicate files.

No More than 2–3 Folders Deep

To keep your files organized and easily accessible, aim for a file structure that is two to three folders deep. This will help you find the information you need quickly!

Don’t let the dreaded rabbit hole of nested folders deter you from finding your documents. To make searching for that elusive file a breeze, keep your cloud storage organized by organizing it into two to three folder levels–you’ll save time and ensure files are stored in their rightful homes.

Do Not Create Folders For Less than 10

Unnecessarily long folder paths can take a toll on productivity. Streamline document finding and storage by instituting an organizational structure that encourages thoughtful file arrangement! Minimize confusion by putting in place clear rules such as limiting folders to 10 files or more, plus adding one designated person who always knows where things should be stored.

Save Files Properly the First Time

Keeping track of file storage can become a daunting task when files are haphazardly saved to general folders. We’re all guilty now and then of simply throwing items into the void – such as our desktops on PCs – with little thought for tidying up later. However, staying organized is key in helping us stay productive!

When many people are accessing the same cloud storage space, misplaced files can quickly become an overwhelming problem. This makes it difficult for everyone to find what they need in a timely manner.

As an organization, let’s embrace a culture of efficiency! Let’s take the extra few steps to save documents in neat and organized folders. Doing so will make them quickly accessible by everyone – no more rummaging around for those hard-to-find files! By taking time to Save It Right we’ll create better workflows throughout our business.

Use Colors

Keep your cloud file system organized and easily identifiable with the power of color tagging! Utilizing this feature can help reduce search time, as well as simplify categorization. For example, if you’re dealing with a sales folder— make it green! If you’re working on marketing projects — why not go for orange? Colored tags act like shortcuts to quickly trigger recognition in our brains – which helps keep things efficient and streamlined.

Declutter & Archive Regularly

With so much information stored in cloud systems, it’s easy to end up with a seemingly never-ending pile of documents. Maintaining order can be quite a challenge! Regular decluttering and archiving offers a great solution: deleting any redundant or outdated files at least once per month helps ensure that newer ones are readily accessible when needed. Additionally, creating an archive folder for those older records keeps your main file path clutter-free.

Streamline Your Business

Our services offer unparalleled efficiency and convenience, ensuring that you get the most out of every moment. Join us to experience a better way of optimizing operations today.

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