CyberSecurity Awareness Training

The single biggest risk to your company’s cybersecurity is human error. When your users naively give malicious actors access to your network, the rest of your security measures don’t matter. Swift Chip can help you build a “human firewall” through cybersecurity awareness training that educates your employees about the latest tactics in use to fraudulently extract sensitive information or access, providing you the best line of defense against evolving threats. 

Risk Assessment and Individualized Training

Our process starts with baseline testing to assess the number of your users who are susceptible to phishing attacks, via moderately difficult simulations curated to test your employees’ knowledge. Once we’ve established a baseline and your organization’s overall risk score, we schedule a training session tailored to your organization to inform your users about the latest phishing, vishing (phone fraud), and smishing (text message fraud) tactics. In addition, further online training modules are assigned to your users based on their individual risk scores. Follow-up testing after training measures your organization’s progress against baseline results, with both high-level and granular reporting that gives you full visibility into potential vulnerabilities.

Swift Chip also helps you keep your human firewall strong by providing training for new hires, as well as continually adjusting the profile of simulated attacks to reflect the nature of continually changing cyber threats. To find out more about how you can empower your employees to spot scams and keep your data and network safe.


Swift Chip provides managed IT and cybersecurity services for a wide variety of companies in fields with stringent privacy and compliance requirements.

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