Founded in 2009 by Kenneth May and Michael Paul, Swift Chip provides advanced technology services and solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. Our company has grown from its origins. We started out in an apartment in Los Angeles, and can proudly say we are now a multi-location IT firm providing service to over 400 organizations in Southern California. Our commitment is to provide the best in IT and Cybersecurity services in an environment that is increasingly important in every sector. 

With the increasing pace of technological change, the complexity of maintaining reliable IT infrastructure and ensuring the security of your data has grown as well. Swift Chip is your resource for reliable, responsive IT support that allows your business to grow and profit.

Our Mindset

At Swift Chip, we believe that IT should be an asset, not a burden. Our mission is to provide friendly, dependable customer service that keeps your systems optimized and running. We work with our clients to develop strategies that fit their goals and budget and proactively position them for growth and success. When problems arise, we respond quickly and effectively to minimize downtime. In short, Swift Chip lets you focus on your core business rather than worrying about management, repairs, and upgrades.

What We Do

Small- and medium-sized businesses have all the same kinds of IT concerns as larger enterprises, but without the resources corporations have to maintain full-time in-house IT support. As your single source for IT maintenance, cybersecurity, compliance, policy support, and emergency response, Swift Chip gives you access to the comprehensive IT expertise you need with budget-friendly pricing. We provide the innovative, custom-designed services and solutions for IT infrastructure and security SMBs need to improve operational efficiency, increase staff productivity, and reduce IT costs.

To find out more about how our IT experts can help your business thrive in a competitive market, call us at 310-326-2008 for a free initial consultation, or contact us here.

We take the SH out of IT

Swift Chip tackles and simplifies the most challenging IT concerns of businesses in today’s fast-evolving, high-tech world. Our goal is to be partners and architects in the future growth and profitability of your business.

With countless years of combined professional IT experience, we’re trusted by hundreds of organizations in Southern California. Our Cybersecurity team is headed by Certified Ethical Hacker, Ken may, who instructs FBI, CIA, and Army Intelligence officers with the SANS Institute. We bring that knowledge to our clients when crafting innovative and custom-designed solutions that deliver peace of mind and improved operational efficiency.

Swift Chip’s Core Values

Mission Statement:

To take the SH out of IT

We 1st



Character Counts

A Job Well Done




Lifelong Learners


Proactive All-Inclusive IT

No Hidden Costs or Fees. Truly Flat Rate & Predictable IT.


  • Backups Performed Automatically
  • Data is Secure in Multiple Places
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • 24×7 Monitoring for Backup Failure


  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Security Policies
  • Centralized User Management


  • Security Awareness Training
  • Staff Testing and Education
  • Test Phishing & Training


  • Project Planning,
  • Management and
  • Implementation
  • Technology Consulting


  • Remote Assistance
  • Onsite Services As Needed
  • 8 x 5 Help Desk


  • Patch and AV Updates
  • Routine Network Maintenance
  • SPAM Control
  • Email Archiving & Email Continuity
  • Critical Monitoring 24x7x365


  • Manage Technology Relationships
  • Single Point-Of-Contact for Vendor Issues


  • Technology Business Reviews
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Strategy Discussions

The Promise

We Promise:

  • To deliver you best-in-class solutions that are efficient, innovative, and secure.
  • To guide you through our proven process to achieve results.
  • To respond in a timely manner because time is money.
  • Give you & your team the personal attention you deserve.

You Promise:

  • To put in the work or put someone in charge to ensure we get through the onboarding process.
  • To facilitate communication between our team and your team so they’re aware of who we are, how to communicate with us, and what changes are happening.
  • Resist being the bottle neck to our joint success by helping us understand your processes.
  • To ask for help if and when you need it – ongoing dialogue is key to a successful partnership


Swift Chip provides managed IT and cybersecurity services for a wide variety of companies in fields with stringent privacy and compliance requirements.

Contact Us

Contact Info


9415 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232, United States

[email protected] 310-881-8770


2140 Eastman Ave, #104 Ventura, CA 93003, United States

[email protected] 805-318-8770